Like Our Shirts? Try Our Zoom Backgrounds (or Phone Ones)

If you’ve run through all your stock photos, vacation pics, or Star Wars backgrounds for your video calls, try one of these on for size. They’re just a few of our favorite prints of the season. We’re not saying that your shirt must match your background but we’re not not saying that.

And if you prefer to keep things strictly to your phone, we’ve got phone backgrounds, too — find them on our Instagram stories.

Zoom with the sharks. *Jaws theme plays*

Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt (Blue Feeding Frenzy)

Florals? For Zoom? Groundbreaking.

Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt, Pink Pop Daisy

When your meeting is lemons, use this background.

Reissued Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt (Yellow Lemons)

This feels like a good option for meetings after 5:00 pm. It’s day to night, but for your background.

Reissued Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt (Teal Hawaiian Palms)

You and all your friends when the bars open again.

Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt (Flamboyance of Flamingos)

More florals? For more Zooms? Earth-shattering.

Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt (Orchid Tropic Floral)

This will bring out your eyes, we swear.

Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt, (Salmon Floral)

A bunch of birds saying “please mute,” over and over.

Reissued Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt (Turq Cockatoos)