Patrick Janelle Will Make You a Good Drink

Photos by Jeff Vallee

In efforts to broaden the horizons of pants-wearers everywhere, every now and then, we sit down and chat with a pants-wearer we admire — a role model, if you will. For this installment, we spoke with Patrick Janelle, co-founder of the Liquor Cabinet, an app that spoils you with hundreds of cocktail recipes. (We like to think of it as a best friend/co-host when you’re in charge of drinks at the party.) He gave us some good tips, a few good cocktail ideas, and plenty of style info. 

Let’s start with your particulars, who are you? What do you do? What is your sign?

I’m just a guy named Patrick — which happens to be my handle on Instagram, the place most people know me from. I’m obsessed with good food, cocktails, and uncovering cool spots around the world. Fortunately, I’ve turned that into a job by posting all those things on Instagram and working with partners who want to get in on the action. I’m a Sagittarius — by the book, through and through. 

Where do you live? How’d you end up there? (Your apartment looks incredible, btw.)

  Patrick at his home in SoHo, Manhattan in the  Stretch Washed Chinos (Graphites)
Patrick at his home in SoHo, Manhattan in the Stretch Washed Chinos (Graphites)

Patrick at his home in SoHo, Manhattan in the Stretch Washed Chinos (Graphites)

Well thanks! I’ve been in my little one bedroom in SoHo, Manhattan since 2015. I’ve been in New York (via Colorado/Florida/Los Angeles/Frankfurt) since 2011, and since then, I’ve always lived in some part of SoHo. Immediately after moving into my current apartment, I went to work getting it set up just the way I wanted it: hanging artwork I’ve collected over the years, fresh paint, and a few custom pieces of furniture by Kent Steel Co, a metal fabricator in Brooklyn. 

Now, to the pants! Are you a fan of pants? 

I love pants!

Pants are great. I know you’re a man of many talents, but you’re widely acknowledged as like, an Instagram King. Do you find yourself getting style inspiration from there? (If not, where?)

I definitely get style inspiration from Instagram — often straight from the brands. I also like to follow trends by looking at images from current fashion shows. But I’m an in-person kind of guy, too, and one of my favorite things about New York is that I’m constantly surrounded by interesting people — and always someone who has better style that I can pick up a thing or two from. 

When it comes to your pants, do you have a lot that you rotate in and out or do you sort of go through a pair until they’re done with?

With my clothes in general, I tend to cycle through looks pretty regularly. I’m a man of change, and I can’t sit still for long — especially in the same outfit. But I do find there are always a couple of pairs of pants that I go back to more often — especially when I’ve found a great fit. 

Anything you look for in a pair of pants? Comfort? Stretch? How do you like them to fit?

I don’t usually need stretch, because I prefer a looser fit: relaxed up top and slim down toward the ankle. That basically means flattering and comfortable, but not too tight. I like this particular pair because they’re actually completely straight. They make for a good, casual look. 

So, tell us a little bit more about The Liquor Cabinet, please. What’s it all about? And how (besides being a fan of a drink) did this all come to be?

I spent this one epic summer in the south of France, drinking all sorts of things I’d never had before (mostly absinthe and pastis). I fell in love with the idea of spirits that tell a story of a particular place, so I returned home determined to create a website for storytelling and education around liquor and cocktails. I co-founded the company with my two brothers, and our primary product right now is a cocktail app that is essentially a compendium of the 100+ most classic cocktails and riffs on those. It’s great for making drinks at home, but I also love it as a sort of menu for ordering at a good bar. 

If we could use a drink, right now, what would you suggest? (We like tequila, btw.)

One of my favorite all time drinks is the Paloma. Like a sort of grapefruit margarita, it’s a classic that is super refreshing.


And, if we could use another? 

If you were in the mood for rum, try the Hemingway Daiquiri. Also a classic, it was invented for the man himself … and it uses one of my favorite spirits, Maraschino instead of simple syrup. It’s a good story. You can read it in the app!

Okay cool. So what’s the future for the app? Where do you think it’s headed?

We’re toying around with some e-commerce opportunities, which I think could go in a few fun directions. We’re also currently consulting on brick and mortar bar concepts, from design to operations. Maybe there will be a Liquor Cabinet bar someday! 

Alright and last thing, since we have a lot of weekend mooching to do at other people’s summer homes in the coming months, what’s a good bottle to bring as a gift?

I like to keep things fun and easy — so bring a pre-batched Negroni bottle. Campari sells them, so all you have to do is pour over ice, stir, and throw an orange slice in there. Santé!

You can download Patrick’s app, The Liquor Cabinet, in your friendly neighborhood app store.