Michael Rothman and Coss Marte, Brothers From Other Mothers

Michael Rothman, the founder and CEO of Fatherly, also sits on the board of Career Gear, an organization that aims to help impoverished men get back on their feet. That’s where he met Coss Marte, just two months after Marte had come home from prison, where he’d been on drug-related charges. Marte didn’t show up empty-handed, though — he came to Career Gear with an idea to build ConBody, a fitness brand that would hire former inmates who, like him, had transformed themselves while incarcerated. Rothman saw something in the idea and in the man behind it. “Mike schooled me on a lot of shit,” Marte tells us. Five years later, the business is thriving, and the two consider each other brothers, counting mutual respect, keeping it real, and being there for each other no matter what goes down as the keys to their relationship.

Above: Michael wears the Jetsetter Stretch Italian Woll Suit (Julio Blue Minicheck), the Daily Grind Wrinkle Free Dress Shirt (Blue Dudley Tattersall), and the Silk Neck Tie (Dark Blue Owls); Coss wears the Italian Performance Suit (Lynwood Grey Plaid), the Jetsetter Stretch Dress Shirt (Solid White) and the Silk Knit Necktie (Navy)