Actor Michael Richardson’s Suits Bring Out His Character

Getting comfortable with a role isn’t easy. It’s a task that can be made or upset by a million factors. Sometimes, one of them is a suit. Actor Michael Richardson told us that a few years ago, he had some trouble finding a character he was playing. The man was a high-end photographer, with what we’ll call a more unsavory side hustle (drugs!). “What really made me feel the most in character was putting on his suit. And it just gave me a whole different feel. I was standing a little taller, my back was a little straighter.”

That may have been for a role, but Michael is something of a suiting aficionado. Years ago, he spent some time shadowing some tailors at a shop in Savile Row, London’s legendary sartorial stretch. All sorts of people would come through in search of a good suit. The tailors delivered with perfectly-fitting garments. But each customer would carry it off in their own way. “There’s a million different ways to wear it [a suit] from something super casual to something conservative and formal.” He mentions all the small details that can completely change up a suit, from collar chains to pocket squares. Watching the people (including a Rolling Stone or two) find themselves in a suit inspired him to see them a little differently.

He concedes that though he may have some insider knowledge, he doesn’t wear suits very often. He has his special occasion ones, of course, but he’s more of a casual guy. Regardless of how often he wears them, whether in life or in character, he does seem at home in them — relaxed, articulate, and poised. He even equates putting one on to a “pill of confidence.” We’ll have to remember that the next time we need a bit of a boost.