Matthew Marden and Bobby Graham Are in it for the Long Haul

When we ask Bobby Graham and Matthew Marden what makes a relationship happy and what makes it last, Matthew laughs and says, “Compromise! Compromise! Compromise!” Bobby jokes, “I want to say laughing, but that’s not always it.” Both men acknowledge that making a family work is not always easy — “You go through the good times and the bad times, and we’ve definitely gone through those things together.” All that aside, after 14 years together, the pair still beam in each other’s company. Perhaps it’s because they know they’ve each found someone to depend on and have a vital trust in. We also wouldn’t discount the fact that Bobby still makes Matthew laugh every day. (Matthew freely admits how cheesy that sounds, but that doesn’t make it untrue.)

Above, Left to Right: Bobby wears the Donegal Camp Shirt (Speckled Green), and the Waffle Crew Neck Tee (Navy Stripe), Matthew wears the Cashmere Waffle Crew Neck Sweater (Navy Stripe) Yarn Spun Long Sleeve Tee (White) $35