Jane and Beau Pool Know a Good Suit Is Empowering

Nobody could ever accuse Jane Pool of not being driven. When we met her and her son Beau, she rattled off everything she’s got on her plate and we were floored. As she describes her work of helping turn a firehouse into a community center, her efforts to preserve parks, campaign for environmental justice, and other noble pursuits, her son laughs — ”all the stuff,” he says.

In addition to “all the stuff”, Jane has become increasingly involved in the campaign for women’s rights and gender equality. “With #MeToo and the Women’s March, it kind of reinvigorated me and got me looking into women’s issues more. And I realized — I didn’t know, I’m ashamed to say, that the equal rights amendment has not been passed.” In short, this amendment would guarantee equal legal rights for all American citizens regardless of sex. It is currently held up in state legislatures and is nearly law. After spending a little time with Jane, we’re certain she’s not going to rest until it’s final (none of us should).

We shift the conversation to suiting. Jane’s involvement and activism places her in many different boardrooms. And often, she finds herself the only woman at the table. “I feel really good wearing suits into those meetings. They call them power suits.” She continues to tell us that she sees clothing is an extension of a personality and that when she puts on a suit she feels truly empowered. (We can’t disagree with her there.)

Her son Beau, who is plenty busy on his own as a student and athlete, thinks along the same lines, “I don’t get to wear suits as often as my mom does, but when I do, it’s like a crazy boost in confidence.” He admits, like so many of us, that he didn’t really come around on suits until he found one that fit just right — “I was like ‘Okay, this is a whole different thing.’ … suits have like grown on me.”

“And now, it’s grown on him, to wear the suit,” Jane interjects with a laugh. Both seem to think suits bring out the best in them. Though, in the case of these two, it’s not hard to bring out the best.