Dr. Darien Sutton Will Save Your Life and Teach You About It

For your sake, we hope you never bump into Dr. Darien Sutton at his workplace. Because it’s an ER. If you do happen to cross paths with him, however, know that you’ll be in good hands. But Sutton’s work as an emergency medical physician is only one of the things that make him so interesting. He also happens to have an MBA, earned after he left medical school to consider other opportunities. It was his more outward-facing work, on Instagram, though, that caught our eye.

From his account, @Doctor.Darien, Sutton shares stories of the ER (while maintaining patients’ privacy, of course) that anybody — including you — could benefit from. It’s a lesson he learned by bringing up information he’d picked up in medical school to his friends. He mentioned a particularly irksome case of testicular torsion (google it, and avoid it if you can) that alerted his pals to certain dangers they should look out for. But it wasn’t until he shared the story of a woman in her twenties who suffered a stroke from a heart infection that he realized his knowledge and passion for education could help countless others. Now he educates anybody willing to watch about how to take better care of their bodies. Because deep down, he knows, we’re all the same — “Everybody has a heart,” he says.

Having blown up through his Instagram posts, he’s now taking his platform, which he calls “Bus Stop Medicine,” to YouTube in partnership with his friend and collaborator Harleen Walia. Watch and learn, people.