Chubstr’s Bruce Sturgell Didn’t Always Love Suits

Bruce Sturgell knows a lot about menswear. His website, , Chubstr is a sort of life and style bible for big and tall guys. But he wasn’t always such a fan of suiting. Like so many men, Bruce’s first suit was a hand-me-down from his father. He needed it for a school dance. Of course, it fit him a little differently (the dad-to-young-son-fit basically never works) — “It was boxy, it kind of did its thing. I went to the dance, you know, whatever. It was fine. It was enough to make me stay away from suiting for years and years.”

When Bruce realized his style was important to him, he came back to the tailored side. He had a speaking engagement for Chubstr and knew he needed to step things up from jeans and a t-shirt. After some meticulous research to find a suit that fit properly, everything came into place. “I went out and did this thing and everything went perfectly. I felt good about myself. I felt like I was wearing something that made me feel more powerful, that made me feel like I had it together.”

That speech was the beginning of a whole new world of suiting for him. With the boost in confidence and boxy suit memories extinguished, he finds himself wearing them more often these days. He also admits he used to think suits were only appropriate for business, or something “stuffy.” Now he has no problem wearing one anywhere. He’ll mix it all up, too, pairing a jacket with jeans, or the suit pants with a sweater. “We can always do casual,” he says, “but being able to put a little more thought into what you’re wearing and how you look makes a big difference.”

Now that he’s fully on Team Suit, he knows exactly what to look for. “Trying to make sure that it fits well in the shoulders, making sure your arms can actually fit in and that you have some range of motion — I mean, that’s big. Also making sure it fits your body a little better. If you’re a bigger guy it’s easy to think that you want to wear something that’s bigger and flowy. And that doesn’t really work. It doesn’t do what you think it’s gonna do.” It always comes to just the right fit for him — not too boxy, not too baggy, not too anything, really.

We like how Bruce thinks.