How One Man Learned the Value of a Perfect Fit

Figuring out how suits best work for you takes time. We’d bet that if you thought about the very first one you had, you might wish you’d done things a little differently. Brian Ongeri has a similar story. “I can think back to my first suit and how poorly I selected the suit as far as the fit. Just looking at pictures from back then and understanding the little decisions I could’ve made — little alterations I could’ve done … ” he trails off for a minute, perhaps remembering the suits that could’ve been.

He told us a story of how he went to a tailor looking for a slimmer cut in the leg of his suit pants — no big deal, right? Well, there was a miscommunication somewhere in the process and he ended up with pants that had a smaller leg opening than before, but the leg itself was untouched. So basically, he got a brand new pair of parachute pants. It wasn’t exactly what he bargained for, “but back then I didn’t understand exactly what his fit was, and what a good fit can do for you.” (He did end up wearing for a year, though.)

These days he gets the idea fit better than most and has become something of a suiting master. He works in a casual tech office as an account executive, so he’s always looking for ways to make a suit pull double duty — pairing it with sneakers, a t-shirt or a sweater instead of a more traditional dress shirt. Brian finds inspiration from all sorts of places from magazines to Instagram to the people of New York City. He also notes that the little things you can add to a suit like a lapel pin or a surprising sock can make all the difference.

He understands that a suit can make you feel a certain way. However, he’s quick to caution us that a good fit shouldn’t get to your head. One time, while he was feeling particularly good in his suit, a friend remarked how nice his suit looked — a compliment for sure. He played into it, propped his foot up to strike a pose, and the suit pants split right down the middle. It was some kind of tailoring karma, we suppose. So be careful, there.