The (Swedish) Candyman Can

“I’ve always been the guy that brought the sweets to the party,” Bobby Persson said when we spoke with him. That habit, combined with his Swedish sweet tooth, is what drove him to start BonBon — a candy shop in New York City that boasts over 125 varieties of sweets straight from Sweden. (If you swing by, Persson recommends trying the sour skulls. And so do we.) It sits perfectly positioned in the Lower East Side to bring in a stream of discerning cool people and wide-eyed tourists.

A sweet tooth like Persson’s isn’t uncommon, of course, and when we asked him why he chose to tackle it by going the candy shop route, he said he thought candy would be an “extremely happy” thing to sell. If you could’ve seen us when we visited his shop, you’d know by our reaction that this is an indisputable fact.

Persson’s aspirations, though, do not include a massive fleet of stores, as one might imagine. The company already boasts a successful delivery service within the city limits, but Persson tells us his ultimate dream is to have an order button on Netflix. The ultimate movie-concession snack, but on your couch.

And honestly, we’re into anything that makes Netflix and chill a little sweeter.