Here’s What Our Favorite Podcast Hosts Are Listening To Right Now

We’ll hazard a guess and say you probably aren’t missing your daily commute right about now, even if your WFH set-up is wearing thin and your video calls are constantly being interrupted by inconsiderate in-house colleagues (a.k.a. your dog). However, the lack of commute does rob us of that cherished period of pre- and post-work respite, time often spent decompressing while listening to podcasts. 

As we continue to adapt to our work routines getting thrown drastically off-kilter, podcasts have remained a reliable constant, so hopefully, you’re still tuning in. Legions of podcasters are continuing to produce quality content on a regular basis through teleconferencing and out of makeshift studios in their homes. There’s even been a wave of brand-new series climbing the charts, one of the many side effects of social distancing and creative adaptation.  

There’s perhaps no better escape right now than binging on podcasts. Whether you’re a true crime fanatic, a current events aficionado, or a comedy nerd, there are countless options out there for your listening pleasure—most of them for free. To help get you back on the pod wagon, we reached out to some of our favorite hosts to get their picks for the best shows out there today. With recs this good, you’ll wish the trip from your bedroom to your living room was just a little longer. 

Ashley Flowers, Host of Crime Junkie and Supernatural: 

Baron of Botox

“I am obsessed with a good limited series, so my go-to right now is Baron of Botox. I love Justine Harman’s reporting and narration style, and I especially love that it’s a story I knew nothing about before finding her show! I think she does an amazing job of picking stories that have a larger theme or message about certain sects of society.”

Clay Skipper, Host of GQ’s Airplane Mode:

You Made It Weird

Sometime last year, a coworker turned me onto comedian Pete Holmes’ You Made It Weird podcast, and I haven’t been turned off since. (Shameless shoutout to episode 4 of “Airplane Mode,” featuring … Pete Holmes.) Each episode, Holmes invites a guest into the recording studio on his property and then riffs on, basically, whatever he feels like—but which almost always leads back to questions about spirituality and existence. Given Pete’s background in comedy, the existentialism almost always comes with a heaping side of laughs, which draws out his guests and leads to conversations that meander in the best way. The result is two(ish) hours of listening that sometimes brings deep thoughts on the meaning of life, and sometimes brings nothing more than a bunch of guffaws. Either way, it’s always a great hang.

Cameron Esposito, Host of Queery and Put Your Hands Together:

Reply All

“One of my perennial favorite podcasts is Reply All. I love the interplay between the two hosts, PJ and Alex, and their choice of topics, which usually include oddball parts of the internet and tech history (I swear: they make it very fun). And now, during pandemic times, Reply All has had several live call-in shows that featured listeners from cities across the globe reporting on their daily lives at this moment. Amidst the more sobering news, I hadn’t come across many places to hear or read the minutiae of how and what people are doing. Reply All has that and a funny-as-hell backlog of great eps. Give it a listen!” 

Matt Gourley, Producer for Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, Host of James Bonding and Superego

Art of the Score

“The three hosts deconstruct famous movie scores in real-time and with a piano on hand so they can take you through the weeds in a fascinating and digestible way even an ordinary person can enjoy. It’s news and pandemic-free and the music element helps one relax in these, our days of plague.

Jian DeLeon, Host of Highsnobiety’s The Dropcast:

Asian, Not Asian 

“Fun fact: One thing I like (slightly) more than buying clothes I can’t afford is comedy. Co-hosted by comedians Mic Nguyen and Fumi Abe, this podcast mainly features Asian-American comedians like Ronny Chieng, Bowen Yang, and Karen Chee, but often branches out with other guests from different industries. Mainly, I listen for Mic and Fumi’s hilarious rapport.”