Announcing Justin Rose for Bonobos

Justin Rose told us a story about how he once walked into a cafe wearing a golf getup — white pants and an orange shirt. He was fresh from a round, champion that he is, and he couldn’t help feeling out of place while trying to caffeinate. “It was kind of okay on the golf course,” he said. But standing there in orange and white, he thought to himself, “I look ridiculous.” That’s when he realized he needed something more from his wardrobe. He wanted to find clothes that would keep him comfortable and cool on the golf course, naturally, but also work just as well off the course — no style sacrificed.

It’s no secret that good style and good golf have always gone hand in hand (just think of Arnold Palmer’s legendary fits, or even, if you must, Caddyshack). Every round is an opportunity to come in under par, sure, but it’s also a chance to show your style. “I think I’m very classic and rooted in tradition — I love the traditions of the game,” Rose explained. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little bit of fun.” Of course, good taste and style only go so far. It’s the fit, or rather, the varieties of fit that bring it all to the pin: “It starts with the Bonobos fit — many different shapes and sizes play the game, so there’s gonna be something for everybody to go out there and feel comfortable in. And more importantly, look good in.”

Rose’s input on golf clothing (or golf anything, really) is not to be taken lightly. After all, he’s been at this for some time now — he started when he was just a kid. Back then, his dad was his coach. “He realized it was his ticket to the golf course if he took me with him,” Rose told us. The pair played together until Rose turned pro. Then, of course, sometime between those days and now, Rose became one of the world’s greatest players. Naturally, this is owed to his skill and otherworldly talent, but he doesn’t discount the way clothes influence his performance, either: “I’ve always had this saying on the golf course: Look good, feel good, play good.”

(Here’s hoping some new clothes will fix our short game.)