Alex and Sydney Corporan Are a Party of Two

Sydney Corporan is eight years old (her father, Alex, has requested that she stop growing up, please), but she has a pretty firm grasp on what makes a good family: “Courage, love, being happy, making people right.” Her dad has a similar thought, though his is slightly more defined: “Family to me is loving, compassion, understanding, taking care of each other, and making sure that everyone’s well.” To Alex, Sydney is not just a queen, but the queen. Seeing the father and daughter in person, it’s clear they’re thankful for each other and the time they get to spend together, whether they’re drawing, taking walks, or playing video games. It seems like they’re built to take on the world together — cat ears included.

Above: Alex wears the Capstone Italian Wool Blazer(Conrad Brown Windowpane), and the Limited Edition Tee(Grey Tossed Lions) $58